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Planning of recording sessions, song selection, playlist suggestions, song improvements, advertisement and marketing of concerts.
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Assisting musicians to record their music. Setup and prepare recording gear. Hire extra skilled musicians if needed. Take care of a live stream.
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Mix & Master

We create professional sounding mixes of your audio multi-tracks and look at your problem from a musician's perspective.
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Super-charge your new release! Releasing an album under the Liquid Smoke Records label puts a stamp of quality on the release and makes sure your release gets noticed!
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Distribute your music to all major online streaming services, CD or vinyl.
We make collaboration easy, fast and secure!
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Profile Artwork

Creating artwork can be a time-consuming job. We can take care of a customized profile kit, including album artwork.
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Content Creation

We can make sure you have a constant stream of updated content, including interviews, video clips, social media posts, ... This can also include setup and maintenance of a mailing list.
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Having a website is essential to build a strong online profile. We can fully design, launch and host your artist/band website and create a dedicated website when releasing a single, EP or album.
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Community Development

It's important to keep your listeners and fans interested and build a strong community. We can help in various ways, including technical assistance, with for example, merchandising or special editions when releasing music.
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Venue Outreach

We try to find venues that match your profile, and create a customized portfolio. By using our network and approaching contacts we make sure this labour-intensive work doesn't keep you from working on your music.
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Booking Management

Taking all administrative work out of your hands, and making sure you get paid on time. We make sure all required information reaches the concert organizer and be the first point of contact.
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We take care of the complete production process and make sure your video is shot and edited according to your wishes.
For one of our customers we helped to create this video for them :
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Based on your wishes, we run ad-campaigns and use our network to promote your music.